Monday, May 19, 2014

Get Up, Stand Up

One time this horrible person wrote me after I called her out for her bigotry regarding our "House Hunters" episode on Facebook. She told the show that she'd no longer be watching and they "knew why." Lesbians ruin everything, you guys.

This woman and I exchanged several messages, each of hers increasingly more hateful. She stalked my blogs and reported back any "errors" that she found. Then at some point she wrote the word "blatent." And I couldn't NOT point that out. So I did. Except my computer autocorrected it. So that I wrote to her, "It's blatant, not blatant." Which looks absurd. I realized it immediately, and my next message was something along the lines of how I guess even my computer is smarter than hers.

But she ignored the correction and, since I blocked her immediately after writing it, she resorted to writing my wife instead. A fact we only learned this morning when Katie found the April 4th message in her "other" folder.

Your dumb as rocks husband wannabe wrote the following on my FB page: 
Erin Scot
NOTE>>>>>> It's "blatant." Not "blatant." 
The chode can't even successfully write a comeback that doesn't show the dumbass's stupidity! 
He wrote 'blatAnt' both times, LMAO!! That doesn't even make any sense. Please tell it that I took great pleasure in knowing that the moron now knows that I have read and thoroughly relished in the jackass's error while attempting to "correct me". I will smile about the hypocritical error for days to come. And imagining how embarrassed and foolish your pretend husband must surely feel now has and will bring me joy for hours to come! 
Elizabeth....grinning ear to ear : )

If you're ever wondering if the battle is over just because we have a few federal judges "legislating from the bench" these days, I implore you to come back to this and realize that the people who write things like this are your neighbors. Some are even your friends. On Facebook or otherwise. And you tolerate it because they aren't your friends in real life or you think you can change them or you have a history or you just don't care enough to put up a stink and tell them how horrible they are.

So think about those "friends" and their beliefs in life and remember that Katie -- someone many of you know and love and support -- tried to read the first line of this out loud to me and couldn't get through it because she was so choked up. Think about the fact that Elizabeth refers to me -- a person you know and, in theory, love and support -- as "he" and "it" and "moron" and "chode" and "dumbass" and "pretend husband." All because it turns out I like being married to a woman. That I was BORN to love this woman.

The only way we truly win is to actually change hearts and minds, not just wait for all the old people to die off. This Elizabeth person isn't old. And she's raising children to be just like her. So it's time for people to quit buying into the "you're not tolerant of my beliefs" nonsense and call these people what they really are: hateful bigots who wouldn't know love if it gay-married them on the courthouse steps.

The fight is far from over. We'll win, sure. But we have to see these people for what they are. Ignoring them doesn't work. If you know someone like Elizabeth, someone who takes such a sick amount of pleasure in berating another human being because of who she loves, and who does it under the guise of (in her own words) "Christ's love," don't just ignore it. DO SOMETHING.

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