Thursday, January 17, 2013

They Are Trying to Destroy Us All

I finally watched parts of the "Sandy Hook was a hoax" video. I'd only read about it until today. I am flabbergasted by the stupidity of what seems to be A LOT of people. I will not link to it. I hate that I gave anyone a page view for that utter trash.

But it did reinforce one thing for me: It's not liberals or the liberal media or gays or abortion doctors or universal healthcare destroying this country. It's backward-thinking, largely white, paranoid, unintelligent individuals who compare Obama to Hitler and believe that a tragedy like Sandy Hook was planned out (by this government that, on any other day, they deem "ineffective" and/or "useless") with such precision that all of us just fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Here's what else they believe:

They think "family values" means denying access to education, contraception, and then, finally, abortion so they can make sure would-be parents become actual parents. Then they tell the kids born into that situation that it's too damn bad because their parents didn't "earn" healthcare or the ability to provide them with a decent education. And they tell those reluctant parents that they're not going to receive any help raising those kids.

They believe that anyone who is not heterosexual is not fit to raise a child. They believe that though we were all supposedly created in their god's image, we gays are sinners who are heading straight to hell. They believe we have a desire to "indoctrinate" their children. They believe us to be pedophiles and perverts.

Though they are generally not wealthy themselves, they defend the rights of hugely wealthy Americans to essentially pay nothing into the system that got them that wealthy. Then they buy t-shirts and wear bumper stickers and hold up signs and weep at conventions for the candidates who want to make sure that the majority of their supporters never achieve any sort of economic mobility. They live in trailers and pay 17% tax on their below-poverty-line income, then vote for the guy who MAYBE paid a 13% effective rate on his millions.

They believe that thousands of scientists have simply made up how humanity has affected the environment on this planet. And though there is ample evidence telling us that the planet is warming up and that our cars and our dependency on factory farming are the largest causes, they still drive their giant SUVs caravan-style three blocks to Winn-Dixie to pick up the cheapest cut of meat they can find.

These people value their own ignorance. They wear it like a badge of honor. Continuing to give any of their mouthpieces -- Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, or most every GOP politician, for that matter -- even 15 seconds helps to continually reassure the ignorant sheep that their delusional belief system is not only acceptable, but that it is accurate and the only way we can hope to save our nation from the delinquent heathens trying to run it into the ground.

We have to fight back.

I will not be ashamed of believing education and contraception are our two best weapons against unwanted pregnancies. Nor will I be ashamed of my belief that abortion is not murder, and is sometimes the only solution to a problem. It is an unfortunate solution, to be sure. But, hey, here's an idea: maybe people who know about sex and its consequences and are armed with the ability to halt those consequences will stop getting pregnant and won't need to resort to abortion as an option? Just a thought.

I will believe that there is nothing wrong with me because I happen to love someone of the same gender. That I am an American and should have the same rights as every other American. And maybe, just maybe, that I deserve at least the barest hint of respect and tolerance.

I will not shy away from the concept that those who build huge companies and/or amass great wealth did NOT do it alone, and that they owe something to the people and to the country that got them there. I will continue to believe that a man who made $42 million should pay a greater percentage of that back to his country than, say, the single parent who made $26,000.

I will emphatically state that I believe in science. That I know there are super-smart, dedicated individuals out there who have told me that your SUV is going to kill our planet. And I will continue to do to whatever I can to recycle, fight factory farming, conserve water, and generally reduce my overall carbon footprint.

And finally, when I see parents reacting in various ways to the brutal deaths of their children, I will not judge those reactions as "obvious" evidence that those children aren't actually dead. I won't hear the many bits of information coming out of a chaotic event in the first few hours and assume that their contradictions mean a giant government conspiracy. I will look at the facts. I will believe in Occam's razor. I will mourn for the lost lives and look for actual solutions. Not stockpiling.

I will not need a god to tell me how to do what's right. I will simply do it. I will remain a progressive. I have a heart. I intend to use it.

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  1. I'm not sure where I found your blog. Huffington post - I think?

    But you and I, ma'am - we think a lot alike. I happen to be heterosexual - but I don't think that makes me better (or worse) than you. I think "stars" (celebrities) have done far (FAR!!!) more to "desecrate" marriage than any number of gay people could ever hope to do - assuming that such was their intent.

    I must live under a rock - I hadn't heard of the Sandy Hook hoax theory. I do know that such trash scares me. I saw a video that "proved" that what "really" flew into the Twin Towers was an unmanned rocket thing. Amusingly (if anything connected to 3,000 deaths could be amusing), the video "proof" showed an overcast sky. Very cloudy. I remember watching in horror that morning - and those skies were clear as a bell. Up until all the smoke and dust came billowing out. There were several other issues, but that one really stuck in my head.

    But you can't argue with stupidity. It clings to itself, uses circular logic and various other fallacies, abd you'll never convince them. The best we can do is not spread the poison and teach our children to think and question and doubt and trust their own senses.